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""Now that Let's Encrypt is operational, the Rhodanthe CA is no longer operational. No new certificates are issued or renewed at the Rhodanthe CA."" Category seals will be continued to be used to indicate the nature of the site.

The Rhodanthe CA is being used for some of HidekiSaitoCom's site group. This is not a full fledged certificate authority, but rather this is implemented to provide opportunistic encryption to some of sites available.

For this reason, Rhodanthe CA is not offered to authenticate third-party entities at large. (Other than indirect certification through OpenPGP.)

How Rhodanthe CA Structured

As the Rhodanthe CA is not part of any of implementations, it is independently signed using an OpenPGP key. The key is also used to form Web of Trust for OpenPGP as well.

Rhodanthe CA Diagram.png

Current (2015) CA Certificates

Used since December 2014. They are valid for three years.

They should be proven valid with Rhodanthe CA OpenPGP Public Key prior to use.

CA Root Key

Class 1 Intermediate Certificate Authority (Rhodanthe Outer Edge)

R-OE Cat1.png R-OE Cat2.png

Class 2 Intermediate Certificate Authority (Rhodanthe Inner Edge)

R-IE Cat1.png R-IE Cat2.png

  • Not ready.

Class 3 Intermediate Certificate Authority (Rhodanthe Outer Core)

R-OC Cat1.png R-OC Cat2.png

  • Not ready.

Class 4 Intermediate Certificate Authority (Rhodanthe Inner Core)

R-IC Cat1.png R-IC Cat2.png

  • Not ready.